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Privacy Policy

Fluid Design hopes this website is helpful. The terms by which visitors may use the information contained in this site are as follows and by using this site you accept the terms and conditions in full. If you do not wish to abide by these terms please do not use this website.

Fluid Design owns this website and all of the intellectual property rights contained within the site including but not limited to layout, data, drawings, part numbering systems, and photographs. All rights are reserved.

Fluid Design asks that you use this website for its intended purpose only! Do not use this website if it will cause damage to Fluid Design or others by any harmful, malicious, illegal, and/or unlawful purposes. Do not link the website to any, but not limited to, spyware, viruses, or any other type of malicious computer software.

Do not use this website or any of its content for marketing or unsolicited communications without first contacting Fluid Design.

Visitors may view or print pages for your personal or company use only based on the following restrictions.

1. You cannot replicate, reproduce, duplicate, or republish any materials from the site without prior written approval from Fluid Design management.

2. Use of, in any way or fashion, any content of this site in public places, print media, electronic media, internet content, or trade shows without written approval by Fluid Design is prohibited.

3. Do not change or modify any of our online content. We do encourage you to contact us if you have any issues or find mistakes in our content.

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Fluid Design Products Makes No Warranties

This website is provided as an informational and purchasing site only! It is provided “As Is” without any warranties or any representations expressed or implied by Fluid Design, its employees, agents, subsidiaries, officers, sub-contractors, or representatives. The information contained on this website is true, not misleading, and accurate to the best of our knowledge however data will be revised, changed, altered, and updated from time to time. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding the content of this website.

Fluid Design will not be liable for any loss of contracts or potential business profits (past, current, or future), lost business relationships, lost sales, loss of reputation, or general good will. Any potential loss of purchasing data, personal data, or corruption of data, is not the responsibility of Fluid Design.

Additional limitations of liability can be found in our product Warranty section (LINK) of this website. If you do not agree with any part or section of these terms please do not use this site.

Fluid Design Privacy Statement

Fluid Design is committed to the privacy of all our customers and users of this website. That being said, we will collect some data to better enhance the shopping experience.

We do collect and store information for the normal use and purchasing experience of the website users. We collect:

· Customer and User Names

· Mailing, Shipping, and/or Billing Addresses

· Email Addresses

· Phone and Fax Numbers

· Order History of Purchases, Services, and Shipments

· To Collect Payments and Issue Statements

· Future Marketing Announcements and Communications

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